Welcome to Tanamon Valley Music Festival, Presented by ASR

The 2021 October long weekend will bring music, art, performance and culture together in a valley that beauty defines. 

Between two stages and 3 sound systems we present :

Welcome to country and performance by Garby Elders


Joseph Liddy and the Skeleton Horse




Matilda Obrien

The Stained Daisies

Issa Mane meets Cinco Royal all Stars


Ta’sia w/ Features 

Matilda Sutherland 


Midday Lover





Oli Morley-Sattler

Heidi J

Babou Dali

Jun Wan

The ASR Selection 

Flesh soup w Big Brrd 

The Big Bus Experience 

Big Boss Sound System w All Star Vinyl Selectors 

Tickets provide:

Friday night camping, food and a bit of music      


Sunday Night camping. 

The Sunday is a grace period for recovery. If you feel this may be you, come prepared for the extra night camping.

This is a byo event, so no alcohol is provided. 

Food will be available on the night, food announcements to come. You are also welcome to bring your own. 

ASR family will be providing a chai and dessert tent, procuring late night goods for those with late night desires.

The Tanamon site is a thing of wonder, exhibiting a beauty in a classic Australian setting. Surrounded by bush on all sides, and a night sky with stars that shine down upon you. To respect the beauty of where we tread, and the Gumbayngiirr people, we ask that you take what you bring with you. 

With love, ASR welcomes you to Tanamon Valley Music Festival

Fly Fly Fly

Psychedelic rock takes a new form with searing riffs and screaming sections. Lose your mind and find nirvana with Fungas

If there’s ever any doubt regarding the fortune that fate can wield, look no further than Nepal/Melbourne duo Suneden. Following a chance meeting in Pokhara the pair have gone on to craft an affecting amalgam of dream-soul-funk.
Matilda was gifted an old beat-up Yamaha acoustic guitar. Based on poetry deciphered from stacks of old notebooks and the few chords she knew at the time, the songs comprising her forthcoming debut EP were written.

Prepare yourself for a tossed salad of UK garage, breaks, house, electronica, DnB, acid house, techno and trance – Heidi J
Issa Mané meets The Cinco Royal All Stars – A glorious mix of Dub, Rugga, Reggae and Steppaz


The Big Boss Sound System is a labour of love. Phat bass, phat look and phat dj’s to accompany. Built by Cinco Royals very own sample master, these speaker will deliver the best of what our turntables have to give.

Gamiliraay woman and sistergirl, based on Gadigal land in Eora. Trans and First Nations advocate and solicitor. A regular at a slew of electronic and queer club nights across the city, Emma is interested in the idea of dance music as rebirth, and the power of music to construct and deconstruct themes like death, creation, destruction and healing. When the sun’s up, she works as a solicitor at a community legal centre, focusing on homelessness, discrimination law and policing, especially in relation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Witness the Big Bus Exhibition parked in the bushy outskirts of the site. Brought to you by Shannon Simm, the exterior will be painted live while the interior is an interchanging art gallery.

Run your fingers along the dense soundscape that e4444e casually creates. Allow yourself to be mesmerised by the hypnotic beats tuned to the rhythmic guitar while the spaced vocals follows your imagination.


Sweet serenades from the fellas in DAG will have you walking through a tunnel in your mind. Kinda country, kinda rock and full of swagger. Their new record ‘Pedestrian Rock’ is out now: feel the vigour.

Oli Morely-Sattler brings the kit to life by combining samples and a drum kit. With a groove experience both visual and auditory, brought to you O.M.S

Flesh soup draws on artists across Australia to create experimental performances for unconventional spaces. Flesh Soup has previously created work for club and street festival settings, investigating roaming characters, immersive and durational performance. Tanamon Valley festival will feature Sophia Van Gent, Lily May Potger, and Clementine Benson dishing out visual spectacle and interactive performance

Mystery Acts Coming Soon


After a big dance and as the slight chill of the night settles around you, what more could you want than a hot brew of chai and an assortment of tasty desserts. Brought to you by the ASR family, made with love, provided to you for when necessary. Bring some cash, bring a cup and plate and a piece of cutlery if inclined.